About Us

BCE Surveying is a Licensed and Engineering Surveying company operating throughout  Australia with offices in Perth, Bunbury and Sydney.

Specialising in all aspects of Civil Construction, SMP, Machine Guidance, Investigation Surveys, Terrestrial Scanning and most recently Mobile Laser Scanning with the Trimble MX8.

The Trimble MX8 is a premium mobile spatial imaging system capturing fully synchronized, high-quality georeferenced point clouds and high-resolution imagery, this vehicle mounted system is the only one of its kind in Australia.

Please take a moment to look around our site and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way in delivering your projects to standards unheralded before.

Please see the link below for our full Terms of Trade

http://www.bcesurveying.com.au/uploads/BCE Surveying Pty Ltd - Standard Terms and Condtions of Trade CI-DOC-026 11052017.pdf


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