BIM, GIS & ASpec

The Spatial team at BCE Surveying provides a diverse array of services to clients in both the public and private sectors.

We cover everything from asbuilt detail and compliance checking, to damage examination and documentation, to planning for retrofit facility and plant upgrades, to infrastructure condition surveys.

Our ability to integrate disparate datasets allows clients to exploit the data more fully, and this is enhanced by our capacity to produce informative visual presentations. We are able to provide fully customised survey and data manipulation programs for any application, from pipeline and power management, to aerial photogrammetry and BIM modelling.

Our Services
Using fixed and/or mobile scanners, the Asset and Service Management team at BCE Surveying can collect, extract and manipulate an enormous amount of data for use in the following:

• A-Spec Data Managment (Including D-Spec & R-Spec)
• 3D scanning for ‘retrofit’ FM and plant upgrades
• Pipeline and Powerline surveys
• BIM creation and compliance checks
• Insurance damage assessment and monitoring
• Signage impact assessment
• Aerial photogrammetry
• GIS and BIM data managment and integration

Our Equipment
Depending on the project, the Facilities and Network Management team may call upon a number of BCE Surveying’s high quality, state-of-the-art scanning and survey equipment, which may include but not limited to the following:

• Autodesk BIM & GIS systems
• Trimble MX8 Mobile Lidar
• Trimble S6 and S8 robotic total stations
• Faro & Trimble 3D scanners
• Trimble Dini digital levels
• Trimble R8 & R10 GPS units

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