Leica iGG3 3D Grader

Mounted on the control levers allow you to stay in control at all times – safer, faster and more productive.
Rotation sensor
The MRS1300 rotation sensor compensates the moldboard’s rotation angle influence on cross-slope - set the blade exactly how you need it, iCON grade takes care of the rest.
Blade tilt sensor
The MSS1300 tilt sensor maintains the desired cross-slope precisely.
Mainfall sensor
Mainfall compensation allows for precise grade and slope control whatever the project conditions.
Ultrasonic sensors
Using the Leica Geosystems patented Trisonic is very simple. The curbstone, adjacent road surface or a stringline provides the reference elevation for the moldboard. Ultrasound is often used as a reference on one side and cross-slope on the other.
MLS700 laser receiver
The MLS700 is a laser receiver with a 360 degree range.
Total Station/GPS
The Leica iCON measuring equipment fits seamlessly into your machine control system and the file formats used are supported wordwide. The iCON GPS and the robotic systems will help improve your productivity and precision right from the start.

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