Trimble SPS 930

From initial site measurements to finished grading, Trimble Universal Total Stations let you take control of your site measurement, stakeout, and machine control requirements.

The Trimble® SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations were designed specifically for the high traffic scenarios typically found on a construction site. Unique Trimble technology ignores environmental obstructions and eliminates the possibility that the instrument would lock onto the wrong reflective surface such as a reflective vest or light cover on a vehicle.

Available in several accuracy levels, the SPS series Universal Total Stations provide superior tracking for all site measurement tasks, including:
  • Initial site measurements to verify design levels
  • Reflectorless measurement of stockpiles, rock faces, cuttings and structures
  • Layout of structures, foundations, caissons and piles
  • Tunnel measurement
  • Earthworks, fine grading and finishing stakeout operations
  • As-built records and grade checks on laid material
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