Tonkin Hwy Gateway to Collier Rd DGS

August 2014

BCE has been contracted by Main Roads WA to complete a Digital Ground Survey (DGS) using Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) and traditional surveying techniques.

Our scope of works is to assist with the preliminary design work for the section of Tonkin Highway north of the Gateway improvements, to the existing Collier Road surveys. This work will be conducive to providing a free flowing segment of Tonkin Highway with possible extra lanes. As such, a digital ground survey is required to facilitate the development of a preliminary design for these future road works. 

Utilising the Trimble MX8 for the MLS portion of the project were were able to complete the scan at night, this way we would reduce the impact on traffic flow during the day on Tonkin Highway & Great Eastern Highway. The MX8 point cloud data was then registered by our imaging team who then extracted out string data. QA checks were completed on the final deliverables and were well within DGS tolerances.



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