Civil Construction

Contractors, builders and fabricators typically deploy the BCE Surveying teams at all phases of a project, from planning through construction and assembly and beyond to provide setout and as-constructed data as required.

The information we provide and manage can significantly reduce project risk, streamline production and construction times, and provide valuable insight into the form of the final product.

Our Civil Construction Services
The more complex the planned construction is the more important it is to involve BCE Surveying from the earliest stages of planning. We work on a scale from whole of building to individual componentry, and our accuracy is the highest available.

Our service to the construction industry includes bit is not limited to the following:

• Quality Checks, Setout & Ascon for Earthworks
• Quality Checks, Setout & Ascon for Concrete works
• Quality Checks, Setout & Ascon for Subdivision Works
• Quality Checks, Setout & Ascon for Pipeline projects

Our Civil Construction Equipment
Our state-of-the-art equipment used in construction survey includes but is not limited to the following:

• Trimble S6 and S8 robotic total stations
• Faro & Trimble 3D scanners
• Trimble Dini digital levels
• Trimble R8 & R10 GPS units 

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