Utility Location and 3D Mapping

BCE Surveying offers our clients throughout Australia quick and accurate utility location and 3D utility mapping. Through the use of GeoRadar technology we provide a cost-effective way to identify, image and catalogue underground assets and utilities during our utility location surveys.

BCE Surveying uses Geo-Radar technology which offers a higher degree of accuracy and a faster capture time compared to conventional GPR processes. This technology can capture a wide variety of infrastructure assets in a utility location survey including drainage, water, power, gas, sewerage and communication fibres (optical fibre included). This is done via a system made of an array of GPR  antennas covering multiple frequencies and channels.  This is coupled with a high precision GPS system to create a 3D utilities model which can be exported as a 3D CAD model.

Systems used by BCE Surveying can be vehicle mounted for use on larger areas such as roads, laydown areas, carparks, verges, ovals and fields. All of our work is done under BCE Accredited traffic management plans which removes additional traffic management costs when picking up intersections roads and verges and roundabouts.

Finalised information of the utility location mapping can be provided as field markups or digital plans as a PDF or in various CAD or GIS formats. BCE Surveying is registered with DBYD and our work is done to the Australian Standard for Utility Detection AS5488 which sets out the different classes of capture quality.

Our Utility Location and 3D Mapping Equipment
BCE Surveying uses the latest technology in the rapidly developing geospatial field, to help ensure that our team is able to provide accurate and reliable information to our clientele.  Our current equipment store can be seen below.
  • Stream EM “Geo Radar”
  • Stream X “Geo Radar”
  • RIS MF Hi-Mod GPR and Imaging
  • Electromagnetic utility locators
  • Trimble R8 GPS units


Equipment Hire