Investigation Surveys

BCE Surveying offers accurate and cost-effective means of identifying, imaging and cataloguing assets and services, and using the information to efficiently manage them.

Applying a customised solution for each project, our skilled and experienced staff can build a complete inventory of assets, survey the condition of built and manufactured items, and create high impact flythroughs and VR models for a range of purposes.

These services are most often required by local government, mining and resource companies, and organisations as diverse as tree farms and water management departments.

Our Investigation Survey Services

Using fixed and/or mobile scanners, the Asset and Service Management team at BCE Surveying can collect, extract and manipulate an enormous amount of data for use in the following:

• Digital Ground Surveys (DGS)
• Underground Utility Service Locating (GPR)
• Road and bridge condition assessments
• Plant and HVAC modelling.
• Visual impact flythroughs and VR models
• Vegetation volumes and plantation yields

Our Investigation Survey Equipment

The pace of advancement in this area of surveying is phenomenal, and BCE has invested heavily to ensure that our surveying teams are equipped with the most reliable, accurate and competitive equipment available. Our current equipment store includes:

• TrimbleAutodesk BIM & GIS systems
• Trimble MX8 Mobile Lidar
• Faro & Trimble 3D scanners
• Trimble S6 and S8 robotic total stations
• Trimble Dini digital levels
• Trimble R8 & R10 GPS units

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