Digital Engineering

The Spatial team at BCE Surveying provides a diverse array of digital engineering services to clients in both the public and private sectors.

We cover everything from asbuilt detail and compliance checking, to damage examination and documentation, to planning for retrofit of a facility and plant upgrades, to infrastructure condition surveys.

BIM (Building Information Modelling)
BCE Surveying’s BIM services provide a precise 3D capture of new and existing structures for improved design processes. This allows for coordinated construction and streamlined documentation, resulting in faster construction, fewer change orders and delays, and more predictable project costs. BIM models also allow for easy clash detection and take off to be measured accurately and effectively.

GIS (Geographical Information Systems)
Our GIS services allow the integration, visualization and analyse of spatial data and detailed information about real world assets such as road, rail, utilities, building, environmental artefacts, land-use change, water and natural resources management. BCE Surveying of services from GUS design and feasibility assessments, through to data capture, integration and analysis. 

Digital Twins
We offer services in the capture and presentation of rich data for digital engineering. BCE Surveying uses the latest innovative technology, our solutions are data-driven. Digital twins allow users to collaborate more effectively on design and provide multiple design options

Our Digital Twins are dynamic virtual models that allow the user to experience an immersive environment, which can showcase all stages of their project, not just the end.
Our Digital Engineering Services
Using fixed and/or mobile scanners, the Asset and Service Management team at BCE Surveying can collect, extract and manipulate an enormous amount of data for use in the following:
  • A-Spec Data Management (Including D-Spec & R-Spec)
  • 3D scanning for ‘retrofit’ FM and plant upgrades
  • Pipeline and Powerline surveys
  • BIM creation and compliance checks
  • Insurance damage assessment and monitoring
  • Signage impact assessment
  • Aerial photogrammetry
  • GIS and BIM data management and integration
  • Digital twins

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